Support 8 Beautiful Handmade Products in Egypt

Want to give back to the community? Encourage Egyptian handmade products and help Egyptian families have a better life. Shop from any of the following stores for 100% authentic Egyptian made products that are recycled and redesigned.


Baddara is a project that helps simple Egyptian women make beautiful and unique handmade bags and home accessories to sell and benefit from.

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If you’re looking for unique handwoven bags, Tagari is where you’ll find them! Tagari’s bags are made of colorful strips of fabric that are woven together creating beautiful colorful designs.

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Yadaweya is an online platform where you’ll find a collection of shops that offer handmade and unique designs of accessories and home decor.

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Fair Trade Egypt

Fair Trade Egypt is a project that supports simple artisans and markets their products. They sell handwoven bags, home accents, rugs, accessories and more.

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Seashell is a 100% Egyptian brand that offers high quality, innovative and most importantly pretty summer beach products.

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Buy some beautiful hand-crafted trays, pots, mats, and cushions online at Sosal.

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Dämpa sells 100% handmade products and supports low-income Egyptian families to protect them from ignorance, homelessness and poverty.

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Nevin Altmann

Nevin Altmann’s handmade embroidery on handbags, scarfs, notebooks and purses creates beautiful products for you to buy and look elegant with!

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