Happy Pets – Veterinary Center

Happy Pets is a Veterinary Center in Egypt, they offer preventive and therapeutic courses against parasites (insects and worms) and the most common diseases. They also offer free online veterinary consultations 24/7 through Facebook, Email or Telephone. They offer home diagnosis services to diagnose diseases and provide necessary treatments at your home.

They provide you with a health care service to follow up with your pet until it has fully recovered.

Services offered

  • Diagnosis and treatment of pet diseases
  • Vaccination of cats and dogs against all infectious and epidemic diseases
  • Surgery
  • Egyptian and imported veterinary drugs

Contact information 


– 36 Hasan Ibrahim from Makram Ebied, behind Miffico Helwan, Nasr City

 64 Lebanon, Mit Akaba, Agouza

Tel: 0120 120 4050