EMS Body Fit in Sheikh Zayed and New Cairo

EMS Body Fit is the first Ems Studio in Egypt-Providing the latest technology of future sport (lose weight-Burn Fat-Gain muscle), 20 min a week so you can enjoy training 90% of your muscles (8 times faster results) to achieve your fitness target.
Body Fit EMS “Electro Muscle Stimulation” training is a full body workout that will activate over 90% of your muscles with contractions more intense than normal exercise which will help you lose weight and tone your body faster than usual.
Body Fit provides the most powerful EMS training in Egypt, achieved by combining the high-end, Spain EMS technology with up-to-date fitness and health expertise. Only a 20-minute training session, once per week is able to transform your body into its Best Version. It is fastest and the easiest way to lose weight, get in shape, tone up and even reduce cellulite safely and efficiently.
Classes/Courses/Workshops on offer
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Location & Contact Information

Sheikh Zayed

EMS Body Fit Egypt Zayed Branch
Almustkbal ST, Giza 

Tel: 0103 008 8883
Ems Body fit Egypt New Cairo Branch
Midecal Park Primer, N 90th Street – Service Ln