Cairo Pulse Meets Young Painter Nadeen El Rashidy

The art scene in Cairo is growing. More and more young artists are finding ways to express themselves due to the growing number of workshops and galleries happening around town, and it’s amazing! We had the great pleasure of meeting young painter Nadeen El Rashidy at her beautiful studio. The place gives you a real sense of calmness and peace, and that’s exactly why Nadeen chose to paint there. We had a chat with her to find out more.

What’s Up Cairo: When and how did you start painting?

Nadeen El Rashidy: I think I’ve always been painting. Ever since I was really young I would do sketches, even before I took my first class. The school I went to here in Cairo (CAC) is really good at focusing on the students’ talents, and as soon as I started taking art seriously, they helped me grow. I take short courses in London every chance I get, and I think I’ll never stop doing that because it develops my style, and adds a lot to my work everytime I go. That’s how it all started. But I believe I’ve just always loved painting.

WUC: Tell us a bit about your Art.

Nadeen El Rashidy: If I had to describe my art in one word, it would be ‘detailed’, because I work a lot with layers. My paintings always start with a background and then I see how I feel about it and what direction I want to take it. It’s a bit abstract and a bit expressionistic and surreal. I’m not sure what to call it exactly, but it’s a combination of different styles that create my own style. Lately, I’ve been inspired by Egypt a lot, and more specifically, the beauty that you can find in its chaos. As Cairo is very chaotic, I like to look for the calm and the quiet, as it has been a crazy couple of years in my personal life. So that’s where I find inspiration.

WUC: What do you think of Cairo’s art scene and who are you inspired by as an artist?

Nadeen El Rashidy: The artist that I admire a lot is Adel El Siwi. I actually had the chance to meet him. He focuses a lot on faces and figures, I love his style. His work is truly amazing. He has a collection that focuses on animals and the role they play with our human nature, which I found very interesting. I’m always looking at his art for inspiration. Another artist I really like is Klay Kassem. His work is kind of abstract. I feel like I relate to him more than Adel El Siwi because his style is more similar to mine. I really love what’s happening in the art scene in Cairo lately because a lot of young artists are coming out and I feel like there are more and more places where we can show our art. The art scene here is way bigger than it used to be and it’s very interesting to see it evolve and unfold.

WUC: When and where is your next exhibition, and what can we expect from it?

My next exhibition will open on the 11th of December at ArtTalks Gallery in Zamalek. It will be titled ‘Roaming Birds’. You can expect a lot of Egyptian culture and Bedouin inspired pieces. I feel like my art inspires emotion, and the energy of this collection is very calm. That’s the mood I’ve been in for past 2 months, so that is what will be projected. Each painting is inspired by a poem by Rumi. I am not bringing his time and culture into the painting, but projecting the emotions the poem makes me feel, onto the canvas.

Check out her video and Don’t miss her ‘Roaming Birds’ exhibition opening on December 11th at ArtTalks Gallery in Zamalek.


By Kareem Awad