Anubis K9 Pet Care Facility

Anubis K9 Pet Care Facility provides a dog school, professional K9 training for clients and their dogs, a wide range of training courses, obedience training, dog sport training, personal protection training, agility, swimming lessons, behavior modification sessions, grooming, and pet taxi. 

Location: Sakkara Touristic Road, 900 m after Sakkara Country Club.

Pets accepted: All breeds of dogs.

Food and special diets: Fresh food/dry food/supplements.

Veterinary support:  Fully equipped vet clinic on the premises with an experienced vet available 4 days a week and emergency vets on call as well.



0122 351 0078
0115 555 6500
0109 128 9344

Facebook: Anubis K9 Pet Care Facility