9 Mexican Food Restaurants You Need to Try!

Mexican food is indispensable! Especially when you’re craving exotic flavors and a nice mix of fresh ingredients and grilled meats. Here’s a list of some Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants that serve all the nachos, guacamole, tacos, quesadillas and burritos that you need!

*Listed according to location

New Cairo


Brix offers International Mediterranean Food with a mix of some finger-licking Mexican dishes like quesadillas and tacos.

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Gringos Burrito Grill

Gringos serves freshly put together Mexican dishes and salads. It offers a Mexican atmosphere and a full Mexican menu at different locations citywide.

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*Gringos Burrito Grill is also located in Maadi, Zamalek and Sheikh Zayed


Mohave is an all American cuisine restaurant that serves Mexican dishes like tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and tortilla chips.

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Want some great quality Mexican dishes? Head to Mezcal in Zamalek and enjoy crunchy nachos dipped in fresh guacamole or some signature salmon tacos.

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Tabla Luna 

At Tabla Luna you can experiment with new cuisines and dishes that you’ve never tried before. Besides Mexican food, they also serve other cuisines from countries like Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia.

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Cuba Cabana

Cuba Cabana might only have a couple of Mexican dishes but the decor and atmosphere will definitely take you to Mexico!

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Vagabond Truck

Vagabond is an all American fast food truck that makes everything from burgers, fried chicken, cheesy fries with bacon to burritos and quesadillas.

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6th of October and Sheikh Zayed


Gracias offers some of the best Mexican food in Cairo, made with fresh ingredients, imported spices and great recipes!

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Señor Churro

Señor Churro is a small churro truck that sells some of the best churros in town! They also serve fried chicken strips, churros with vanilla ice-cream, nachos and tornado potatoes.

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