Acting for kids Workshop at Cima

Yousra Masoudi is doing an acting for kids workshop at Cima, where she will be developing the children’s imagination and activating their memory through training on improvisation exercises and narrative communication.

Workshop detials

Location: Rostom Street, 2nd Floor, Apartment No.5, Giza

Date: Every Tuesday and Wednesday, Starting Tuesday, August 21st

Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Workshop duration: one and a half month (10 lectures) 

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Workshop will teach kids:
– Acquiring the skill of innovation and improvisation 
– Physical theater and silent representation 
– Music and dance 
– Narration and art of storytelling
– Working on scenes from films and series  
– Movement, signals and clarity in the physical expression through dramatic play 

Find more info on the Facebook page.