17 Art Galleries in Zamalek That Will Bring Out The Art Critic Inside You

Feeling artsy? We’ve collected some of the art galleries in Zamalek so that you can have an art tour and be the art critic you want to be! Here’s a list of most of the art galleries located in Zamalek, enjoy the tour!

Khan AlMaghraby

Khan AlMaghraby is an art exhibition that displays contemporary art for emerging artists and established ones.

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Motion Art Gallery

Motion Art Gallery showcases the cultural and colorful aspects of Egyptian, Middle Eastern and African art. Through movement, expression, and emotion.

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Azad Art Gallery 

Azad is an art gallery located in the heart of Zamalek dedicated to Egypt’s Finest Visual artists. Azad exhibits and sells the artwork of Egypt ‘s finest artists suitable for every budget and they offer door to door worldwide shipping.

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Zamalek Art Gallery

Zamalek Art Gallery is the hub of modern and contemporary Egyptian Art, sharing local talents and their incredible art.

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Art Talks

Art Talks is a Cairo-based modern and contemporary art gallery, acting as a selective search engine for Egypt’s next generation of influential contemporary artists. 

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Samah Art Gallery 

Samah Art Gallery is located both in Zamalek and in Galleria40 in Sheikh Zayed. It exhibitions some of the most prominent art, paintings and sculptures in Cairo.

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Nout Art Gallery

Nout Art Gallery is an open art exhibition for paintings and art pieces and an art school that offers courses and classes.

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Gallery MISR

Gallery Misr is an Egyptian art venue in Zamalek for contemporary and modern art.

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Picasso Art Gallery

Picasso Art gallery displays Egyptian artworks for different generations.

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Liwan Gallery

Liwan Gallery is an art exhibition in Zamalek that showcases fine art.

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Art Corner Zamalek

Art Corner Zamalek is an Art Exhibition and Gallery in Zamalek that shows selected artists’ paintings and sculptures.

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Capital Art Gallery

Capital is an art gallery that exhibits new and established artists in a unique place in Zamalek.

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SOMA Art School & Gallery

SOMA Art offers a range of courses revolving around visual art, art history and it displays modern and contemporary Egyptian art.

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Ubuntu – Art Gallery

Ubuntu Art Gallery aims to showcase artists sharing their unique passion for artistic expression.

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Safarkhan Art Gallery

Safarkhan is an old house in Zamalek that displays and collects modern and contemporary Egyptian fine art.

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Al Masar Gallery Contemporary Art

Al Masar Gallery is a vibrant & unique art gallery located in Baehler’s Mansion in Zamalek island showcasing the works of Egypt’s most pioneering contemporary artists. 

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Nile Art Gallery

Nile Art Gallery is an exhibition space that hosts professional art, accessible to all strata of the community through curated exhibitions and printed documentation of the diversity of practices hosted by this space.

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