13 Restaurants You Must Try in Sheikh Zayed!

Westsiders, here are the best option for a dinner out with friends, family or your special one on the west side of the city!

Lucca Steakhouse in Guezira Plaza

If you are a carnivorous individual seeking a haven filled to the brim with every cut of beef known to man, this place is a slice of heaven. T-Bones, rib-eyes, tomahawks, strip loins, short ribs, back ribs – Luca’s Steakhouse specializes in Black Angus cuts and dry aged beef, a process they showcase upon entry in their eye-catching dry aging climate-control chamber.

Luca’s Steakhouse’s contact information here!

Spaghi in Guezira Plaza

Spaghi, this spaghetteria with style is an absolute gem of a restaurant and has built up an enthusiastic following in no time at all. Cairo West Magazine didn’t need much persuasion to pay a visit.

Spaghi’s contact information here!

Zaza in Galleria 40

Zaza at Zaitouna Food Hall serves everyone’s favorite Egyptian food, including feteersogokshawerma on coal, hawawshi, kebda, and halawa bl eshta. The slogan is, “A taste of real food”, and that is exactly what you get. Looking to satisfy our craving for Egyptian food, we headed straight there.

Zaza’s contact information here!

The Lebanese Diner in Guezira Plaza

No time to dash across to Beirut for a dose of your favorite food, some amazing music and that unbeatable vibe? Well, Beirut has come to you. Right in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, at Guezira Plaza.

The Lebanese diner’s contact information here!

Izakaya Fusion Peruvian

Cairenes are now able to experience first-hand the much anticipated culinary hit that has been taking the world by storm. The dream team of brothers Tamer and Taymour Erian and fellow restaurateur Fabio Donato just launched Izakaya, to showcase Nikkei cuisine at its scintillating, gastronomic best.

Izakaya’s contact information here!

La Bodega in Galleria 40

For those of you in Sheikh Zayed or other west Cairo areas who are looking for creative cuisine or something new to try, one of the city’s most beloved restaurants has expanded. La Bodega at Galleria 40 offers a new ambiance that has a very distinctive flavor. This outlet boasts a new chef from Johannesburg, who has brought with him a distinct South African twist to the menu. South African food is famous for its multicultural fusion, so prepare to be taken on a gastronomic whirlwind ride…

La Bodega’s contact information here!

Sabai Sabai in Galleria 40

The arrival of Sabai Sabai is a boon for all fans of authentic Asian cuisine on the west side of town, the quality and wide range of dishes are just what we needed. Mainly Thai, with a wide selection of traditional favorites, lovers of Chinese dishes will find a menu to select from as well. And not to be missed, Vietnamese glass noodle rolls, stuffed with crunchy vegetables.

Sabai Sabai’s contact information here!

Olivo at Arkan Plaza

Just in case it slipped by you, UNESCO has officially added Neapolitan pizza to its list of civilization’s glories. A step we heartily endorse. Start your weekend early and slip across to Olivo at Arkan Plaza to have a pizza binge.

Olivo’s contact information here!

Mo Bistro in Capital Promenade

Creator of Cafe Mo has outdone himself again with the creation of Mo Bistro. Mo Bistro offers a great dining experience that will exceed your expectations. You’ll find everything you are craving on the menu, from the hot Mexican, Thai and Chinese food to the Italian salads, pizzas and pastas, as well as a few yummy French and Moroccan dishes.

Mo Bistro’s contact information here!

La Taberna at Guezira Plaza

Throw three of our favorite words into one sentence and you have our full attention. Execute the concept of pub-resto and tapas bar with finesse and a dash of humor, and you have us hooked. La Taberna has pulled off a tour de force by creating a warm and welcoming meeting spot and eatery, with amazing cocktails, addictive tapas and some impressive Spanish cuisine.

La taberna’s contact information here!

Mai Tai Egypt at Guezira Plaza

When you need something a little exotic to liven up your mood, just head across to MaiTa’i. Predominantly Latin American with a bow to a Japanese influence, along with some international favorites as well. Salmon and shrimp feature strongly, along with meat and poultry. The intriguing, creative menu features a strong section of starters, as well as main dishes. Check out the amazing cocktails as well!

Mai Tai’s contact information here!

Tamara Bistro at Capital Promenade

When you find a familiar name popping up all over town it is a good indication that the food, service and vibe is reliably good. Based on that, we hurried across to the newest branch of popular eatery Tamara that has just opened in Sheikh Zayed.

Tamara Bistro’s contact information here!

Casper & Gambini’s at Guezira Plaza

Coming up with excellent food and smooth, attentive service in one venue can be applauded. When it is consistent across 40 outlets in 10 cities you know that you are onto a winner. Our recent visit to the newly opened branch in Guezira Plaza ticked all the boxes.

Casper & Gambini’s contact information here!