12 Tattoo Artists in Cairo with Awesome Designs!

Whether you have a specific design in mind or want to look for something artistic and totally new, these tattoo artists based in Cairo will blow your mind with their cool designs and awesome tattoo ideas!

Note: Please make sure that you research the hygiene of each place mentioned in this list before getting yourself a rocking new tattoo!

New Cairo


Inkredible plays with geometric designs and mixes them with animals and other shapes and symbols, the result is a complex, detailed and awesome tattoo.

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Tezerd focuses on simple but unique designs, some of their tattoos look like pieces of art that came straight out of an art exhibition!

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True Skin Art

True Skin Art studio focuses more on nature and animal-based designs. They also do nice calligraphy and Arabic text designs.

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Alice Ink Egypt

Alice Ink’s watercolor designs are very vibrant and pretty! They also have basic black designs and small text ones.

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Nowhereland Tattoo Studio

Nowhereland Tattoo Studio does all different kinds of tattoo designs and cool piercings!

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The Ink Shop Ltd.

The Ink Shop Ltd. customizes your tattoo based on your own preferences. They also have awesome calligraphy and watercolor designs.

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Inksomnia’s tattoos have complicated meanings and you’ll see many details in one design. For people who want bigger tattoos with complex designs in the larger body areas, this is the place to go.

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Heinrich – Tattoo Artist 

If you’re into cartoon designs and symbolic tattoos, Heinrich does awesome watercolor designs and black calligraphy too.

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Beyond Realistic Ink Studio

If you’re into realistic art tattoos and watercolor tattoos, Beyond Realistic Ink Studio will hook you up with an amazing design that will definitely wow your friends!

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The GREY studio

The Grey Studio does simple designs and nice calligraphy so if you’re looking for a clean, small, basic tattoo this is where you’ll get it.

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Nasr City 

Studio 36

Studio 36 does different designs, black or colored, small or large, detailed or simple and all kinds of texts with different languages, they pretty much do it all!

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Dokki and Mohandeseen

Egyptian Tattoo Club

Egyptian Tattoo Club does unique tattoos with creative ideas. They offer watercolor tattoos and simple black ones and they also do cool piercings.

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