10 Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants You’ll be Obsessed With!

Tired of having nothing to eat when you’re out with friends? Do not fuss because we have the perfect list of restaurants with menus that have vegan/vegetarian options that are actually delicious and will satisfy your hunger. Now you can have your pick out of many ideas and places!

*Listed according to location

Sheikh Zayed 

Cake Cafe

Cake Cafe, despite the name, has quite a few vegetarian options for the lovers of green and healthy food. Check out their menu online

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*Cake Cafe is also located in Zamalek




Hale has a variety of vegan/vegetarian dishes, sandwiches and salads. Their menu is 100% healthy and cooked with fresh high-quality ingredients.

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Sabai Sabai

Sabai Sabai offers Asian Food with a Thai twist, they have vegan/vegetarian/plant-based dishes that are stir fired or spiced with Thai spices.

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*Sabai Sabai is also located in Zamalek


Sea Salt Bakery & Café

Sea Salt Bakery & Café uses the freshest, healthiest ingredients in their colorful well-prepared dishes.

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Saladero’s hand-picked cuts of fruits and vegetables will make your perfect salad and the best thing is, you get to choose what to add and what to hold! They also have healthy desserts and fruit salads.

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*Saladero is also located in New Cairo

Self Juicery

Pick up your choice of smoothie with your favorite superfood or munch away at a fresh green salad at Self Juicery.

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Lyfe understands your healthy habits and makes it easy for you to maintain, that’s why they offer a great selection of dishes, smoothies and desserts.

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*Lyfe is also located in Sheikh Zayed

Osana Wholefood Cafe

At Osana Wholefood Cafe, they take care of all your health needs with the most nutritious meals and dishes.

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The White Owl

The White Owl offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options that will satisfy your hunger and your sense of wellbeing!

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Lokali is a nice cafe with an outdoor seating area in a garden where you can enjoy the nice outdoorsy scene while munching your greens and veggies!

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