10 Places to Watch Underrated Movies

Tired of going to the cinema, standing in the long lines and having some kids in the back ruin the movie for you? If you’ve seen all the new movies in theaters out there it’s time to try a new movie-going experience of underrated movies screenings at a non-traditional cinema!

*Listed according to location


Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre

Cimatheque is not your regular cinema even though it seems like a normal theater. They only play the gems of movies that no one knows about from countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Zambia, France, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and many more!

Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre’s Facebook 


Zawya, previously know as Cinema Kareem, does film screenings of short films, restored films, award-winning movies and film discussions.

Zawya’s Facebook 

AUC – Tahrir Cultural Center

AUC’s cinema nights focus on controversial movies with a strong theme and plot. They also sometimes host discussions after the screening.

AUC – Tahrir Cultural Center’s Facebook 

Cinema Daal

Cinema Daal plays renowned international movies and hosts movie discussions, all their events are free.

Cinema Daal’s Facebook 

Garden City 


Cima is a filmmaking center, they offer workshops and courses in moviemaking and they host old, new, English and Arabic films and discussions. All their Film screening events are free.

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Old Cairo 

Darb 1718

Darb 1718 is a cultural center where they offer workshops and courses and hold events like live music concerts, art exhibitions and film screenings.

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Gusour Cultural Center

Gusour Cultural Center offers music and storytelling, they also host free film screenings and discussions.

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zamalek Cinema

Zamalek Cinema is a typical cinema but we thought we’d include it to the list since they do special film screenings of award-winning movies and best sellers.

Zamalek Cinema’s facebook 


Adef Deca

Adef Deca is a cultural center that brings film lovers, book lovers, and music lovers all in one place. They do film screenings and discussions of underrated for free.

Adef Deca’s contact details

Cairo University

CUFE Cinema Club

CUFE Cinema Club is a film club created by Cairo university students at Cairo University. They host film screenings as a way to enlighten people into the cinema world and to show some underrated movies.

CUFE Cinema Club’s Facebook